Secure Your Parking Lot  School Hospital Site
with 24/7 Cloud
Based Security

The future of security is here. Deter crime, protect your assets and save money.


Seamless integration between hardware and software at your fingertips. Log in to view your live-stream from any device at anytime.


Live-Stream Video

Hd video streamed to your laptop or mobile device with real time notifcations.

Cloud Storage

30 Days of recorded video stored in your account with 24/7 accessibility.


2-way speaker to directly deter intruders at the touch of a button


Easily move your trailer anywhere with our attached tow hook

Live Controls

Pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras you can live-control to focus to change angles

100% Solar Powered

Fully self-sustained with no need for wires or WIFI connections. 4G LTE internet is included

Protect What Matters To You

Experience unparalleled protection that goes beyond boundaries, ensuring ,
safety at every moment.

Access anytime, anywhere


One-stop solution to secure your place that could save your sweat and money. We’ve combined high-tech security equipment with world-class surveillance software to achieve a whole new industry standard.

A Command Center for All of Your Devices

Our command center is an easy to navigate tool where you can control all your cameras, take snapshots and email time-stamped videos.

Security Systems For Any Situation


Our embedded tow-hooks allow for instant portability. Move to any location and set up within minutes. No cables or no wifi needed.


Crime Reduction

Up to 70% reduction in parking lot incursions. With the increasing cases of theft, vandalism, and crime in public places, it’s crucial to ensure the safety and security of your property and the people on it. Create confidence via high profile security posture. Deter the threat before it happens.

Save Money

Up to 90% cheaper than physical security guards. Save money on shrink reduction (inventory theft). Lower insurance premiums. Insurance premiums can be lowered by installing increased security postures (beef up security to lower threats, insurance policies lower in prices). No high capital expenditures need, we rent not sell.


Our mobile app makes it easy to monitor your camera units and receive instant alerts. Contractually, we offer monthly rental contracts, feel free to cancel at anytime.

Advanced Tech

24/7 recording with HD video streamed to any device with real-time notifications and live camera controls. PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras, flashing strobe lights and 2-way speaker system deter crime before they happen. Security alerts are sent directly to users via text and email notifications.

Cloud Storage and Instant Playback

30 days (1TB) of video storage in your free account, with 24/7 accessibility and instant playback, so you can quickly find the footage you need. Download snapshots or video clips at the click of a button

100% Solar Powered and Instantly Portable

Fully self-sustained with embedded 4G LTE internet services. Instantly move your trailer to any location with our attached tow hook. Embedded battery pack provides an extra level of power in cases when sunlight is temporarily unavailable.

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